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Cursive Writing

22 May


Beginning of the Year Handwriting Sample (July 2009)

Writing is definately not my son’s favorite thing to do. Handwriting, writing stories or poems, whichever – he’d rather be doing other things and just despises the fact he has to pick up a pencil and write something. At the beginning of this school year I had noticed some bad habits he had developed in writing certain letters when learning how to write, so, as I noticed the problems in these letters and numbers, I’d have him practice them. This seemed to work pretty well. In just this school year his handwriting (more…)

Less Than Two Weeks Left This School Year

18 May

Well, I did it. I have almost finished and survived my first full year of homeschooling. Yay! Teachers and students take much needed breaks, and it’s probably for the better. Ours isn’t the typically long summer vacation, but a vacation nonetheless. I. Can’t. Wait.

Actually, most of my “break” will be spent arranging plans for NEXT year’s curriculum, but I know it’s not something I will need done within the next day or week or so, so can work on it more at my own pace, rather than because there’s a pressing need to do so. If I’d rather take a nap, or drag us to the beach, or go on a nature walk, or work on a quilt I’ve been planning since last November, than I can do so. I can sleep in rather than be up that extra hour or two early because I need to get 2 million things done each day (although, who am I kidding, I’ll still have to be up fairly early to prepare breakfast.)  And then there’s also library activities, VBS, and possibly a theater class for the summer, park days, and, of course, the beach.

Wait, my break has just vaporized before my very eyes! Is it possible to feel tired just THINKING about all the activities planned for the BREAK? Good grief. And people worry that homeschoolers don’t get out enough. We are a walking (and driving) contradiction to THAT stereotype! So much for vacation!

Fun with Index Cards

08 May

Index Cards. Notes? Flashcards? …Fun?

compound word flashcards

Index cards are something that are cheap enough, especially at back-to-school time. I use them for various purposes for myself, and knew with my son learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, we’d have a high demand for them. I stocked up. Little did I know I’d come up with various ways to use them that have nothing to do with the “typical” way we think of using index cards.

The same boring topics become exciting and fun when I pull out the index cards. I have used them (more…)

Physical Education

06 May

Physical education is one of those aspects of homeschooling that can have so much variety. It can be done at home, or via nature walks or bike rides on a local trail, through community activities, and even outside businesses. For this past year physical education has varied so much for us, but it’s great to have our son try different things.

The first part of the year there were difficulties in finding those things that qualified for physical education due to the fact our son had some medical issues. Surprisingly, we found out about indoor play areas and different things he could participate in.

Later in the year our son was able to participate in regular activities. We decided to enroll him in some sort of martial arts because we felt he needed the discipline. This has been good for him, but it’s not as disciplined as I had hoped. We also learned about physical education classes for homeschoolers and decided to enroll him for various “units.” They offer a different sport every few weeks, and this allows the kids to get a taste of a bunch of different sports.

The other day my son surprised me. “I want to do gymnastics stuff,” he told me. (more…)

Social Studies

04 May

So yeah, I’m going to post more details about my curriculum for the upcoming year, subject by subject. This may be of interest to some, especially homeschooling newbies, so thought I’d put it out there.

I’ve decided that Social Studies is going to be broken into four main topics this year, one for each grading quarter. I haven’t fully decided on the order yet, but have decided for sure what each topic will be. We will be doing:

1) US Presidents
2) US Government
3) Abeka’s “Our American Heritage” Grade 3 Reader
4) State and Local History – This may include some basics on Native American history, especially local tribes.


Time to Buy!

02 May

As I finish off this school year, I’m thinking ahead to next year already, and have spent time considering and looking at curriculum options for next year. There is a huge variety of curricula, and no “one grade” boxed set is going to work for us since my son is all over the place academically. I have to decide what’s best and what will work for us. It can be fun, exciting, and stressful all at once. Most of my things for next year have arrived. Here they are:


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