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Zoology 3 Lesson 11 Files Added; Lesson 12 Files to be delayed

15 Apr

It’s been a considerably long time since I last added files, so I’m sorry for the delay in adding these, but here are the files for Lesson 11:

Lesson 11 Worksheet

Lesson 11 Test

Lesson 12 WILL NOT be up any time soon. I had my son do something different than usual. To get some experience with writing reports, I just had him read Lesson 12 and then pick a dinosaur of his choice to do a report on instead of his typical worksheet/test format.

I will, however, get up a Lesson 12 set of worksheets and the test at some point, so there eventually will be a complete set of worksheets for the Zooogy 3 book. Most likely this won’t be up until early June, when we’ve finished the rest of the book and I’ve had time to get the worksheets and test done. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone with plans on using this in the next month or so.

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