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Apologia Zoology 3, Lesson 14 Files Added

25 May

The final set of files for Zoology 3 have been added – or not! Here are the files for the last lesson of the book, Lesson 14, but Lesson 12 files still need to be created and added. They will be added within the next month or so (hopefully closer to being added in a week or two, but life gets busy, so no promises on that one.)

So, here is the Lesson 14 Worksheet Set.

And here is the Lesson 14 Test.

Note that, for the Lesson 14 test, a couple of pictures need to be added. Question 9 requires a picture like the one added below (admire my artistic ability, or lack thereof), and then Question 12 of the test requires a picture of a snail with its internal anatomy so various parts can be labeled, much like the one shown in the “Gastropod Anatomy” section of the lesson, on the bottom of page 251.


It’s the end of the book. We made it! Yay!

Zoology 3, Lesson 13 files added

01 May

Here they are – and in a semi-timely fashion too! The Lesson 13 files for Apologia’s Zoology 3 have been added. These are a bit different than most of the previous files, because both the worksheet set and the test for this lesson have one or more questions that you have to either insert or draw pictures or diagrams into. It’s then up to your child to label or identify the various pictures or diagrams.

Zoology 3, Lesson 13 Worksheet

For this worksheet set, question 8 requires you to add in a picture of a spider so the various parts of the spider anatomy can be labeled. I chose to draw the picture that has the parts labeled on it, which is located on the bottom left-hand corner of the first page of Lesson 13 (page 229.)

**Note there is a question in this worksheet set (question 30) that requires your CHILD to draw in various types of webs. Obviously, you aren’t required to put the pictures in there because that’s up to them, but if you’re just going through the worksheets quickly, you might not realize it’s something they have to do and not something you have to put in there for them, so I figured I’d give everyone a heads up.

Zoology 3, Lesson 13 Test

This test set includes several test question that require you to put in pictures or diagrams. Questions requiring pictures include 12, 13, and one picture for questions 23-25. Question 12 and 13 require two different types of webs – of your choice – for your child to identify. Questions 23-25 require a picture of a scorpion like that under the “Scorpions” section, which is located at the bottom of page 239.

The end of the book (and the school year) is getting near! Happy teaching!

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