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Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Schedule

26 Jul

Some of you out there may not know how to schedule things, or may not be sure how to break down this book, may not like other schedules you have found, or just might not have the extra time to sit there and figure it all out. I figured, in case anyone is interested, I’d post how I chose to schedule Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology book for this school year. Basically I figure out how many weeks each chapter should or can take, and then figure out how to best work those time frames for each chapter (lesson) into our schedule for the weeks we have.

Here is how I broke down this book by chapter:

Chapter 1 – 2 weeks
Chapter 2 – 3 weeks
Chapter 3 – 2 weeks
Chapter 4 – 2 weeks
Chapter 5 – 2 weeks
Chapter 6 – 2 weeks
Chapter 7 – 3 weeks
Chapter 8 – 3 weeks
Chapter 9 – 2 weeks
Chapter 10 – 2 weeks
Chpater 11 – 3 weeks
Chapter 12 – 3 weeks
Chapter 13 – 2 weeks
Chapter 14 – 3 weeks

That comes out to 34 weeks, which is a good amount of weeks to fit into a regular 40-week school year, where it still allows for you to take off a few weeks from science whenever you decide to during the year.

I plan 3 days of the week for reading. If it’s a 2-week chapter, we do that reading in one week, and if it’s a 3-week chapter we do that reading in two weeks. The number of pages for each day just depends how I decide to break it up, where the sections end, and also depends on what else is planned for those three days. The appropriate terms from the vocabulary worksheet set are filled in while doing the appropriate reading. The final week is then used to do activities in the Notebooking Journal, and any projects or experiments that go along with the lesson. The final day of the final week is used for review.

Our test is actually scheduled the following week, so that it’s taken the same day we start a new chapter.

It’s a pretty basic schedule, and after having planned 3 other years I was able to get this one scheduled pretty quickly. What can I say? It works for us!

Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 1 Files Added

24 Jul

Well, we’ve started it: Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology book for elementary students. It’s just packed full of information and so far has been fun! I came up with a project for my son to make his own small strand of DNA and we did the chapter project and created our own gelatin cell, complete with candy organelles. Of course, there was a worksheet involved, and he’s taking his chapter test as I type this. I am also trying to fully utilize the Notebooking Journal that goes along with the book this year.

For this year’s book, I felt it was best to just have a worksheet with most of the bolded words and any other important words in the text to be on a worksheet for my child to fill in information about each of these things for the initial reading of the chapter. If I can find a program, I hope to take it a step farther, and transfer what he has written onto the sheet about each term onto electronic flash cards that he can use to review each term before the test (if anyone knows of any good ones let me know!)

And of course, we’re using any outside resources and projects that I can add to make the lesson more fun and memorable.

Anyway, here are the files for Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Vocabulary Sheet

Chapter 1 Test

**Note that for the Chapter 1 Test you will need to add in a picture of a cell for labeling organelles**

There are also a couple of other worksheets posted on my Anatomy and Physiology page.

Hope these help! Keep checking back for more as we make our way through the book.

A New Year

23 Jul

Well, a new school year is upon us, and I barely feel like I’ve fully tied up ends to everything from last year. Sure, grades and reports have been done for almost a couple of months (was the beginning of June really that far off already?!), but here we are again, already into a new school year. We had a busy summer full of fun, activities, and craziness, but are getting back into the swing of things for our new year.

This year, I hope to have posts more often, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping to get in some curriculum reviews, keep up-to-date with various worksheets, and add a few fun idea posts as well.

Oh yeah, and I haven’t forgotten you Apologia Zoology 3 people and am still working on a final worksheet set for that missing chapter. I know they were promised sooner but it just didn’t work out that way. Also, because of our need for them recently, I have already gotten into making some worksheets and tests for Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology book (which we’re loving by the way!) I’m actually hoping to get the first chapter’s (lesson’s – I still call them chapters!) worksheet set post up tomorrow if too many extras don’t sneak into my day today. There has just been so much to do around here that things don’t always get done as planned, but I’ll do my best.

Anyway, hope you guys are having a great summer and get into the swing of things for school when the time comes. Keep a watch out for my upcoming new posts!

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