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Physical Education

06 May

Physical education is one of those aspects of homeschooling that can have so much variety. It can be done at home, or via nature walks or bike rides on a local trail, through community activities, and even outside businesses. For this past year physical education has varied so much for us, but it’s great to have our son try different things.

The first part of the year there were difficulties in finding those things that qualified for physical education due to the fact our son had some medical issues. Surprisingly, we found out about indoor play areas and different things he could participate in.

Later in the year our son was able to participate in regular activities. We decided to enroll him in some sort of martial arts because we felt he needed the discipline. This has been good for him, but it’s not as disciplined as I had hoped. We also learned about physical education classes for homeschoolers and decided to enroll him for various “units.” They offer a different sport every few weeks, and this allows the kids to get a taste of a bunch of different sports.

The other day my son surprised me. “I want to do gymnastics stuff,” he told me. (more…)

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