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Literature for October – Poe

06 Oct


I was looking through various books when I stumbled upon this children’s book on The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe . I love these books by Sterling, and up until now have only bought classic novels in these book formats, so I almost overlooked it. Then the black bird on the front cover caught my eye, reminding me of the poem, “The Raven”, and I thought, Why not?

At the time, it was September, and I was a bit inspired by the fact that October was coming. It seemed like the right month to introduce works by Poe. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to approach it, but I knew it was a bit different than anything else we had done, so I accepted it as a challenge. (more…)

More Than Just a Car Ride – Educationals on the Road

20 Feb

car educational materials

Going to various activities, along with running regular everyday errands can eat up a lot of time in our day. As soon DS was old enough to read on his own it occurred to me that I could make this time count rather than having him stare mindlessly out the window. (more…)

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