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Zoology 3 – Worksheet Section & Fun with Experiment #1

04 Aug

Hello all my fellow Apologians. For those using my worksheets, you may be interested to know that today I’m adding the Lesson 1 Worksheet packet (I’m only doing one worksheet set per lesson this year, rather than breaking it up into several worksheet groups per lesson, but it would be very easy to find a spot to break it up into smaller pieces to accomodate fewer pages of a lesson at a time, if need be.) The Lesson 1 test should be available in a few days as well, as we are finishing up Lesson 1 tomorrow.

Today we did the Lesson 1 Experiment, which was on Natural Selection. It was loads of fun and involved ripping up construction paper, crumpling up the construction paper, and then hunting for little candy-coated chocolate pieces. My son tried his hand at hunting through the box of construction paper and then, because it looked so fun, I had my hand at it as well. Then it was so fun we both took another turn. It also helped to emphasize the benefits of camouflage and the concept of natural selection when he was able to see the idea numerous times that certain colored candies were getting hunted down more than others. What a fun experiment!

Now, for those who plan on doing this experiment soon, I’m going to suggest you get two or three regular-sized bags of these candies for this experiment or one of the LARGE bags . Sadly enough I didn’t realize this. One is only supposed to put in the number of candies as the fewest colors has, which in our case was four, so we had a grand total of 20 little “animals” we were hunting for in our box and construction paper “habitat”. The books used numbers closer to 15 or 20 of each color I believe and there was no way there were that many candies in our regular-sized bag, and not a lot of a couple of the colors, especially considering there was an overabundance of certain favored colors over others.

Oh well. We still had a good time with it and my son learned a lot from this experiment. I hope you guys do too!

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