Apologia Zoology 2 – Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day

01 Jun

Well, we finished this school year and finished up our second year using an Apologia Science book. These books are great for elementary because they teach something the kids really enjoy learning about, and the books teach a lot. Also, since it deals with animals, there are numerous resources and activities out there available to use right alongside it to make it fun and interesting. Kids love it!

If you already use these books or plan on starting to use them this upcoming year, feel free to use the resources I have made, available on my Zoology 1 or on my Zoology 2 pages. I spent a lot of time making them, so I hope others can use them as well!

For Zoology 2, the worksheets are broken down into the way I divided up the reading for each lesson. We did:

– 2 weeks with 2 days of science each week where we read a few pages of each lesson each day (each worksheet represents one science day of reading)
– 1 week with 2 days of science, one day we did “What Do You Remember?” and “Ocean Box” sections, and the second day we did “Notebook Actvities” and the “Experiment”
– The test was given on the Friday of that 3rd week or the Monday of the 4th week

*For a couple of the shorter Lessons (towards the end of the book I believe) we had one week of reading rather than two.

I’m not sure if I will do the same kind of worksheets next year for Zoology 3 or not. It’s a lot of work but it also helps my child identify the important details so I’m somewhat divided on what I will choose to do with next year’s lessons. We’ll see what happens I guess!

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  1. wmill71201 says:

    Thank you!

  2. Correna says:

    Thank you! I am so grateful for all your hard work and sharing with us!!!Bless you and your “homeschool.”

  3. Janet says:

    Thank you for all this work! I just started to homeschool and a bit overwhelmed! Your hard work is extremely appreciated.


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