Apologia Zoology 3 – I Added Some Much Needed Organization

27 Jun

We started homeschooling a couple of years ago, and my son and I have enjoyed using the Zoology books by Apologia. We’ve been through Zoology 1 and Zoology 2, and this year we are using Zoology 3. I appreciate the information in these books, but for this one I especially noticed how confusing some of the information could be as I went chapter-by-chapter planning the schedule for the upcoming school year. Most of the chapters mention animal classifications, and there’s order this and order that, family this and class that. It was a bit confusing and frustrating for me to read, and I can only imagine how my child reading through this could easily be confused. So, what do I do?

My problem? How to use the Zoology 3 book and have it all fit together nicely in an easy-to-understand way for my son.

My solution? Do a classification chart on posterboard.

Initially I wanted to do one big chart, having everything on one board so it would all fit together. In my organizational mind it was a brilliant plan. For my unscientific mind though, that seemed like a very daunting task that I wasn’t ready to take on. It then clicked I could do it chapter-by-chapter.

I recently had noticed that at an office supply store they had smaller posterboards available in packs of three so I decided to get several of those. In a notebook I went through each chapter and wrote down the different classifications and species mentioned so I knew what has to be on each chart for that lesson.  

I planned the chart out on a regular piece of plain white paper first so I had an idea of how I wanted it to be, verified my organization (and got some extra information for things such as subphyla and suborders through http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/site/accounts/classification/Animalia.html), initially wrote it on the posterboard in pencil, and then put my Sharpies to work. I’m surprised at how good it came out. So far I’ve done one chart (for Lesson 2) but I’m pleased with the results and hope I can have the charts for the other lessons turn out just as well.

It looks pretty good I think:

Notice the spaces at the bottom under the species. If possible, I hope to find stickers or pictures that I can put under each species name so my son has a visual for each animal.

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  1. sara says:

    This is great – I have been silently struggling with this too! Thanks!

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