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01 Aug

High School Curriculum Books

Here it is – our 10th grade curriculum. I decided to take the easy way out this year, and hopefully eliminate some costs and headaches, by deciding to do most of my son’s schooling using Abeka Academy. We won’t actually be reporting to them, but we get the DVDs for each class, and have paid for all the necessary books to go with them.

In all honesty, I don’t mind using an eclectic method and choosing things from here and there, as that’s what I’ve done for my son’s schooling every year up until now, but he doesn’t seem motivated enough to get what he needs to get by just reading books and using various other resources. I felt something more structured was needed this year, and this seemed the most cost effective with minimal effort on my part.


The courses my son will be doing through Abeka Academy consist of the following:

English: Abeka’s English 10, which includes:

World Literature

Grammar & Composition IV

Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry IV

Silas Marner (Since my son did this last year, I’m substituting this with Animal Farm by George Orwell)

Julius Caesar (We did do this previously, but I’m going to have him do it again this year at a more in-depth level as presented by Abeka.)

High School Curriculum Books

Science: Abeka’s Physics the Foundational Science and the accompanying Lab Manual.

Bible: Abeka’s Bible Doctrines for Today

Spanish: Abeka’s Spanish 2, which also includes this Vocabulary Book.

Social Studies/History: Abeka’s World History and Cultures


Classes not being done using Abeka Academy will include:

Math: The second half of Saxon Advanced Mathematics


For the first semester of the year, my son’s elective will be Introductory Logic by James B. Nance, Douglas Wilson

We’re still uncertain what his second semester elective will be.

Physical Education: This will be a variety of physical activities, including local PE classes, swimming and bike riding, and other activities that come up throughout the year. Most of my son’s fall semester will be spent participating in soccer with a local team.

We started today, and there’s lots to do! This is going to be an interesting, but difficult, year.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    How did 10th grade work out? Did he like the structure?

  2. homeschooler says:

    Sorry for the delay. He didn’t like the structure at all. :/

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