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22 May


Beginning of the Year Handwriting Sample (July 2009)

Writing is definately not my son’s favorite thing to do. Handwriting, writing stories or poems, whichever – he’d rather be doing other things and just despises the fact he has to pick up a pencil and write something. At the beginning of this school year I had noticed some bad habits he had developed in writing certain letters when learning how to write, so, as I noticed the problems in these letters and numbers, I’d have him practice them. This seemed to work pretty well. In just this school year his handwriting has improved greatly, and I think it’s pretty good for his age.


End of the Year Handwriting Sample (May 2010)

Next year, for his third grade year we are starting cursive. I was somewhat dreading this because of his hating to write, but I noticed something yesterday as I was having him write a final draft of a short book report I had had him do the previous day – he was connecting his letters! He is actually preferring to connect his letters when he can, on his own. It was exciting and somewhat alarming for me. It’s great that he wants to do that – but I don’t want him forming bad habits for cursive before we even begin! I actually had him stop and have him print properly, but told him I thought it was good because it showed me he was definately ready to learn cursive next year. Hopefully it won’t actually be a struggle when we start it.

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  1. Ginger says:

    I just came across your blog today from cafemom, looking for all tidbits about HS as I prepare for my first year. Thought I would ask about cursive from your post. My DD is just starting school, K, to be exact. I read that it is a good idea to teach cursive from the beginning. Now she already prints letters well 90% of the time. And unlike your son she likes writing, so have you heard anything about starting cursive early?
    (I totally understand your reasoning for doing it in 3rd grade, my son: 8 w/ ASD, will not be learning cursive anytime soon).

  2. admin says:

    Well, based on what I’ve read and heard, it’s a good idea to start cursive early because supposedly learning cursive first actually allows for children to print better for whatever reason. Supposedly young children WERE initially taught cursive and not printing in their first year or two of school. It wasn’t until they started having readers (early reading books – McGuffey Readers maybe?) come out that children started learning to print first, so they could learn to read the printed words from the readers.

    I don’t know a whole lot about various curriculums that exist and their methods regarding handwriting, but I do know that A Beka, a Christian curriculum company, uses this method. If you were interested in pursuing such a system you may look into A Beka’s materials for teaching cursive at the kindergarten level. Since they are Christian, some of their writing examples may be pertaining to God and such, but if that doesn’t bother you or goes along with your beliefs, then it may be ideal.

    A Beka is nice because you can pick and choose from their materials and only buy what you want. Also, if you want to see the handwriting materials beforehand, you could check their website to see when they have a Materials Display in your area and check the different materials out in person, and even ask someone questions about their handwriting methods, before buying if they have one soon in a location that’s close to you. Actually now that I’ve typed all this, I went to A Beka’s website and did a quick search for you. There is a downloadable booklet about cursive writing for K about halfway down on this page:

    Hope this helps!

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