It’s all Greek to me

13 Jun

Word Roots, Beginning, by The Critical Thinking Co.

When doing research regarding homeschooling, I came across a lot of parents and methods that suggested teaching Latin and/or Greek for various reasons. I took a lot of Spanish myself, and in this day and age, Spanish is something that could be very useful in everyday life, so that seemed the logical language to teach. Spanish would also be beneficial because I could talk in Spanish a bit and find ways to make it useful during our schooling. But then I wondered, Am I doing him a disservice by NOT teaching him Latin or Greek? I never learned it in school. I turned out okay (I think),  BUT my vocabulary isn’t what it could be I guess.

Posting the question amongst other homeschoolers most said they were teaching it, but one suggested just using a program that taught Greek and Latin roots instead. That sounded like a great idea! Grasp the meaning of different words without having to learn the whole language. A suggested curriculum was what we are currently going to use. It’s called, “Word Roots,” by The Critical Thinking company. We are obviously starting with the beginning book, and it looks like it teaches various roots, prefixes, and suffixes in short non-threatening lessons. A lot of the prefixes and suffixes are often repeated to emphasize their meanings. Since the introduced prefixes and suffixes are used on many words though I feel this program can be very beneficial, without having to get into the nitty gritty of the entire Greek and Latin languages. We’ll try it this year and see how it goes.

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  1. Cindy Kepko says:

    We are doing this book, too, this year. Last year we did English from the roots up, and loved it.

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