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12 Jun

Well, it’s that time again – time to buy new curriculum! Fourth grade here we come!

Actually, this year I am a bit late with it, working on getting my curriculum for each subject together much later than I did last year. By this time last year I had half my subjects scheduled for the year and this year I’ve just barely ordered everything – half of it has yet to come, and I’m hoping it will be here next week!

So, what did I decide?

English – Growing with Grammar, Level 4; A Beka Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4, and Jump In by Apologia for writing.

Growing with Grammar is something I saw advertised in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and read a few reviews and was able to see the table of contents online before ordering. I was somewhat torn between getting Level 4 and getting Level 5. Up until this point I’ve been using workbooks and online worksheets and doing subjects weekly with my son, using things I have found online as “guides.” Nouns and verbs are basics we’ve been doing since we started homeschooling in first grade, yet my son doesn’t know about sentence diagramming, prepositional phrases, and a few other things listed in the table of contents. Considering his courseload and level with other classes this year, I figured he could always just fly through what he knows and learn what he needs to know and then next year we can easily slide into Level 5 if we decide this curriculum works for us. If not, we can also try A Beka or something else next year.

Abeka is what we’ve been using for spelling for a couple of years now. It’s simply, it includes vocabulary, and I can use the activities I want to use for him with spelling.

Jump In? Not sure how this is going to go. I liked the looks of it based on what I could view online and based on reviews I found online. My son was getting tired of the writing books we were using, so hopefully this will be more appealing to him.

Math – SAXON Math Homeschool 7/6 and the Key to Percents series.

Yes, my son is WAY ahead in math. He’s going into fourth grade, but this is a sixth grade curriculum, and after receiving the curriculum in the mail and looking through it I realized he already knows half of this book as well! I thought of skipping what he knows, but since this book has no “set order” on how things are arranged I just decided to let him do every lesson and get the review, fit in the Key to Percents books where I see fit, and have him ready to go with the next level of Saxon next year, if we decide it works for us.

Science – Apologia’s Land Animals of the Sixth Day (Zoology 3)

Both my son and I really like Apologia’s Elementary Science books and hope to go through them all. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We will continue on with our study of animals this upcoming year.

History – The Explorers to the Jacksonians, Volume 1: All American History, by Bright Ideas Press

Finding this was a task all on its own. I’ll be doing a write-up about this later.

Health – Developing Good Health, Grade 4, by A Beka

We’ve been using A Beka health since the beginning. It’s basic and informative. We enjoy it.

Art and Music – Meet the Masters, Meet the Great Composers, and Music Lessons

Meet the Masters looks like a great program and I got it for a great price for use for three years. I plan to go over one artist every month or month and a half – probably getting 8 artists done this year. With music I plan to follow suit, and for every unit of art we will also be learning about one composer as well. I want my son to start music lessons this year with a wind instrument as well, so hopefully he will be starting those next month.

Bible – Choosing Self Control and Choosing Thankfulness by Train-Up a Child Publishing, and I’m also considering God’s Great Convenant, Old Testament 1A by Classical Academic Press.

The Train-Up a Child books are very basic but teach great aspects of character building, and I just recently found and am considering God’s Great Covenant for basic Bible teaching and learning.

Spanish – Visual Link Spanish – Level 1, Let’s Speak Spanish, Book 3 (we didn’t get around to it last year), and possibly, High School Spanish for the Christian Student

We always do tons of different resources for Spanish. My son is still working his way through Visual Link Spanish, and this year we’ll also get to the third Let’s Speak Spanish book. I have yet to receive the High School Spanish book, and I’m a bit apprehensive about it until I actually see it, but I liked what I read based on the table of contents so I’m hoping it will be something we can use.

Latin and Greek – Word Roots Book 1A, by The Critical Thinking Company

We had a good experience last year with our Word Roots, Beginning, book and have decided to stick with these books for this year.

Yep, we’ve taken on a lot, so we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully it will be a fun but challenging year.

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  1. Jenifer says:

    We are also doing the choosing self control study this fall with my kids…I really like the simple approach and the lack of bells and whistles in these studies.

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