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04 May

So yeah, I’m going to post more details about my curriculum for the upcoming year, subject by subject. This may be of interest to some, especially homeschooling newbies, so thought I’d put it out there.

I’ve decided that Social Studies is going to be broken into four main topics this year, one for each grading quarter. I haven’t fully decided on the order yet, but have decided for sure what each topic will be. We will be doing:

1) US Presidents
2) US Government
3) Abeka’s “Our American Heritage” Grade 3 Reader
4) State and Local History – This may include some basics on Native American history, especially local tribes.

For Geography for the first quarter of the year I will be working on US Geography, including the learning of state capitols and important natural things (rivers, mountains, etc.) of the United States. This will be a way to add to where we are right now, learning the location and spellings of all the states and the Great Lakes for the rest of the year. Starting with Quarter 2 I will add Scholastic’s Success with Maps, Grade 3 to aid in map reading. I may add a study (just the location) of the Caribbean countries and Central American countries later on to Quarters 2, 3, and 4 as well.

The study of the US presidents will include learning the order of the presidents and some general information on what each president contributed to our country. Obviously, for some presidents there will be more information than there will be for others, but I’d like my son to have a basic idea of who each president was.

Our unit on the US Government will teach my son about the three main branches of government and give him an idea of how things work up there at the top. The workbook I found is at an appropriate level for him without being extremely boring and tedious.

I will simply be using the Abeka 3rd grade history reader, probably for Quarter 3. It’s nice in that it introduces some important key figures of American History.

Our state and local history unit will be quite interesting I think. Since I have moved, my state history unit in school was on a different state and I know nothing more than the basics for the state I’m currently in. It will be interesting to share the learning of the history of this state with my son.

Overall, I think I’ve put together a decent curriculum for third grade Social Studies. We will see if it works as planned and adjust accordingly throughout the year.

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