Whistlefritz Spanish DVDs

10 Feb

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on something new I’ve found to use for learning Spanish. I was looking on Amazon for new DVD’s and items to incorporate into my son’s foreign language study when I came across some DVD’s (so far there’s only a few), by a company called, Whistlefritz.

These videos are fun and interesting.¬†They’re kind of taught at a preschool, Sesame-Street level, but that’s part of what makes them work. They’re all in Spanish, a full-immersion type language program, but the speaking is at a pace that one who is completely unfamiliar with the language or who knows some basics can pick out words and understand what’s going on. For a lot of it, one can also just pick up the meaning of the words based on the action on the screen. For example, a basket is held up and the woman says, “canasta.” You can easily tell that “canasta” means basket. This is part of the beauty of these shows.

Spanish Learning DVD

There’s also a lot of variety with these shows. There’s a lot of fun, bright colors, a cute little mouse named Fritzy (yep, it’s in their name!), children of different ages to chime in with words and giggles now and then, and some fun catchy tunes – that I must warn you come into your head at random moments during your everyday tasks if you’ve heard them even once or twice. And yes (my confessional sentence), I watch and enjoy these shows too – even the songs! As an added bonus, each DVD includes a translation guide for the words used in that particular show and a few homeschooling materials are available on the company’s website.

Spanish Learning DVD

If you’re looking for something basic to start off your teaching(or learning) of Spanish, want something to supplement your currrent curriculum, or need something for practice for basic listening, then give these DVDs a try!

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