American History and Animaniacs

06 Aug

If you were a kid during the 80’s or 90’s there are probably a number of cartoons that you remember fondly. Personally, I feel that cartoons of those two decades were of much better quality than those available to our kids today, and often they taught different things, often just basic moral values and safety tips, and weren’t just mind-numbing entertainment.

One of the more witty cartoons of the 90’s though was the show, The Animaniacs. The different season DVD collections are available, and various clips are available for free viewing on YouTube.

Remembering various segments of this show I saw how I could utilize this in our unit on US Capitols and the US Presidents. 

The US Presidents song from the Animaniacs show has now been stuck in our brain for days and my son or I often wake up with it in our head. If one of us has been spared on a certain day from having this tune run through our brains, there’s no doubt that the other hasn’t and will be humming it sometime throughout the day, sending it spinning through the other’s brain again. Today after the alarm screamed at me to wake up, the words, “Harry Truman, weird little human” jumped into my brain before I could stop them. Poor guy.
..And poor me – the song truly has infiltrated my brain.The good part of this though, is that my son can name all the presidents in order, up to the one we finished learning this week, Chester A. Arthur.

Since we are also learning US capitols, we also are enjoying listening to the Animaniacs State Capitol song and as the song plays I have him pick out the capitols he has already learned. So far, so good. Alphabetically up to Maryland, he knows them all.

As for other cartoons, I’m hoping to find out what season of Simpsons has the episode where Lisa’s class is involved with a play about the US presidents and include this in our lessons as well. It may not be the classiest way to learn US History, but it gets some facts in there, is fun and interesting to watch, and is memorable in an odd sort of way.

Learning can be fun with regular, mainstream cartoons!

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