Middle of the Square (or Circle)

08 Sep


This is an activity that is fun for review and can be basically used for any subject. It can be played outdoors or indoors (provided you have the room.)


* Construction Paper, or large paper plates (big enough for your child to stand on)
* a Sharpie, or other marker
* some masking tape
* if desired, some blank index cards


1) On the construction paper or paper plates use your Sharpie to write  the answers (big enough to read when looking down on it from above). Basically you want to have enough to make a circle,  square, or rectangle large enough for there to be an area inside for your child to stand. We did this excercise with State Capitols, and on each piece of construction paper I had a different state, about ten of them. You can use numbers for math facts or words to review vocabulary, or anything else you want to review. If you need more “answers” than you have room or papers don’t fret – there is a place in this game to include answers that aren’t written on the paper or plates.

2) Take the papers or plates and tape them with masking tape to the driveway or tile in a circle or square formation. We found that it is best to tape the whole length of ALL sides of the construction paper (and probably around the whole circumference of the plates as well) to prevent slipping and tearing of the sheets – and yes, we found this out the hard way. 🙂   

3) Now it’s up to you if you want to make index cards with the “questions” or definitions or number sentences or whatever else on them that you can use to question your child. I prefer to do this so I don’t forget any, and also to add speed to the game, to make it silly and more interesting.

To play:

1) Have your child stand in the Middle of the Square (or Circle)

2) Read off the question or fact you want answered

3) Your child calls out the answer while jumping to the paper or plate that has the correct answer and then back to the center, as quickly as possible

4) If you call out something that DOESN’T have an answer on the plate then make them call out the answer and then do something else silly where they can stay in the middle. For example, ours is required to call out the answer and then do 3 jumping jacks, but you could also have them call out the answer and  jump up and down a few times, spin around, do the hokey pokey, or whatever other crazy thing you can think of.  

5) You just do this as long as you want or need to to properly establish the facts in their little brains. Start out slow and work your way up to a speed that’s just completely silly and ridiculous and will have them laughing and giggling. No doubt they’ll remember the facts and it’s a different way to avoid long tedious review drills.

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