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26 Mar
Spanish Dictionary
Italian Dictionary French Dictionary


If your homeschooler (or someone else in your household) is learning a foreign language, these books are a great resource. I stumbled upon these accidentally, and fell in love with the Spanish version immediately. Yes,  I have my son learning the language, but I have also taken a considerable amount myself and love the language. I’m not fluent, but wish I was, so I love any awesome resources I come upon.

What’s Inside

These books have tons of vocabulary for lots of different subject areas, complete with articles, and beautiful colorful pictures. A lot of pages also have a chart of related phrases or adjectives to go along with the main topic area.  Topic areas include sections such as:


At Home

Body and Health

Sports and Fitness

Food and Drink

and more!

There’s also a handy-dandy index in the back so you can look up certain words without having to search by topic.

Do It In a Year

The “Sections” part of the Spanish book goes up to page 345, so I figure I’d try to do one page a day, with a little leeway in there for days I get too busy, or pages that have harder words. (Also, some of the pages are two page spreads of just the section topic, so that builds in a few extra days as well.) In a year I should know all the words in the book. That’s a LOT of new words!

What Can I Say? I Love It!

It’s interesting, I find it fun, and to me it’s pretty exciting. The colorful photos make it a lot of more enjoyable to learn, and easier to remember the words. Finding out what the page is each day is something that keeps the language fresh. I love this!

These are great books to have on hand to encourage foreign-language learning.


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