They walked right into that one…

30 Jan


There are colored footprints leaving a trail across my dining room/school room tile! Really, there are, and they were left there by the British!!


This is all about our recent history lessons regarding the steps that led to the Revolutionary War (or, the War for Independence, as I often see it being called nowadays.) We are using the book, “All American History, Volume 1” by Bright Ideas Press. The workbook for this book includes a worksheet with mini-footprints that your child can cut out and place in order to show how the different steps resulted in the Revolutionary War. My child did do this activity, but I decided to take it one step farther for him.

The goal was simply to make it easier, and more fun, for my child to learn and remember the various steps leading up to the infamous war between Britain and the Colonies, and it seems to have worked. After a three-week break with no review, my child was able to recall not only the steps leading up to War, but also the proper order of the steps and the details involved with each step.Yay!

Yeah, maybe it’s a bit silly, and maybe the thought of colored footprints across your floor seems completely absurd, but being able to see the steps, and actually walk through them as well, seemed to be a big help for my child learning these important facts in American history. If you’re looking for a fun, fresh idea to make things a bit more interesting, it’s worth giving it a try. Go ahead – take that step!


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