A Great Bag for Hauling Books and Supplies

11 Mar

H2T Executive Rolling Briefcase - Business 15.5" Laptop Holder TSA Compliant-Black


If you’re looking for a bag to take books and supplies with you, to homeschool on-the-go or at alternative locations, then this Executive Rolling Briefcase is a good option. I used to use a rolling crate, but this is a bit more stylish, and more efficient. I’ve only been using this this year, but really enjoy it.

There are three things that make this bag great:

It Has a Lot of Pockets

With five pockets, ranging from small to large, you can fit any number of items in here, and have some semblance of organization. There’s a tiny pocket, a small pocket, a medium pocket, a large pocket, and an extra-large pocket. Figure out what you want to put where, and you’ll have a good system for easily finding whatever it is you need.

It Has a Lot of Space

The tiny pocket in front is great for tucking in a calculator or two. The pocket behind that is a good size for various utensils and has holders for pens and pockets for small items. You can easily throw in your whiteboard markers, rulers, index cards, and anything else you and your children need.

There’s a larger, divided pocket in the middle. This is the place to put in notebooks, folder, and books of any shape or size. The division makes it easy to separate one child’s things from another, or lets you separate items between subjects. I’ve also found a great way to squeeze in a bottle or two of water on the side.

The final pocket in the back is intended to hold a laptop computer. It comes with a separate, padded case you can slide your laptop in, before putting in into your bag, for added protection. Of course, if you don’t need to take your computer with you, I’m sure you’ll find it handy for binders, or better yet, more books!

It’s great for bringing a little bit of this and that, or get one for each child and have them bring along EVERYthing.

It Has Wheels

Nothing is worse than having to carry a bag or container filled with heavy books. It can be cumbersome, and hard on your back. This bag has two good-sized wheels that make it roll along easily, and it comes with a handle that’s a good size, even for tall people. The handle also can be pulled out when you need to use it, but can fold back into the bag so it can be zipped away, for easy storage.

This really is a great bag, and if you’re looking for a way to take school along with you, I’d definitely recommend this. It’ll keep school on track, no matter your schedule.



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