A New Year

23 Jul

Well, a new school year is upon us, and I barely feel like I’ve fully tied up ends to everything from last year. Sure, grades and reports have been done for almost a couple of months (was the beginning of June really that far off already?!), but here we are again, already into a new school year. We had a busy summer full of fun, activities, and craziness, but are getting back into the swing of things for our new year.

This year, I hope to have posts more often, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping to get in some curriculum reviews, keep up-to-date with various worksheets, and add a few fun idea posts as well.

Oh yeah, and I haven’t forgotten you Apologia Zoology 3 people and am still working on a final worksheet set for that missing chapter. I know they were promised sooner but it just didn’t work out that way. Also, because of our need for them recently, I have already gotten into making some worksheets and tests for Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology book (which we’re loving by the way!) I’m actually hoping to get the first chapter’s (lesson’s – I still call them chapters!) worksheet set post up tomorrow if too many extras don’t sneak into my day today. There has just been so much to do around here that things don’t always get done as planned, but I’ll do my best.

Anyway, hope you guys are having a great summer and get into the swing of things for school when the time comes. Keep a watch out for my upcoming new posts!

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