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05 Nov



Have you heard of Open Office?

I thought I’d post access to this awesome resource because someone was asking for PDFs since they don’t have MS Office, and I thought maybe a lot of you aren’t aware it exists. If you use Windows, Linux, or OS X (Apple?), then this free program is available to use. An alternative to using MS Office,  it has all the goodies MS Office has – word processing, presentation (slideshow) creation, database creation, spreadsheets, drawing, and a formula option, which I suspect is for creating math sheets, but I haven’t actually used at all myself.

The great thing about this program is that in the Word Processing option you can use to save things in MS Word format, so that they can easily be opened, and, in turn, you can open documents created in MS Word. Though I haven’t tried with other types of items, I’m assuming this is probably true for those files as well. It’s a great way for you and your children to have access to using these much-needed computer tools in our high-tech society, without the hefty price tag.

Check it out!

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