Pay It Forward Young Readers Edition – Quizzes Uploaded

22 Oct

Pay It Forward Young Readers Edition

I always liked the movie, Pay it Forward, despite some of its rough parts, and though I was never truly was fond of the ending. I liked the general idea behind the whole “Pay It Forward” concept, though, and when I saw they had a Young Readers Edition of the book, written by Catherine Ryan Hyde, I thought I’d have my son read it to at least get a feel for the idea.

Surprise, surprise, I read it along with my son (I haven’t read the regular version) and so much is different from the movie. Wow! I mean, yeah, that’s typically how it is with most books and their movies, but it was SO different we were both a bit shocked when we saw the alternate version.

I, having seen the movie first, prefer the movie version. My son, having read the book first, prefers the book.

This was a book I had my son read on his own, and then I’d give him a quiz to make sure he’d really read it, and then we’d discuss it. Since I couldn’t find any quizzes online for it, I made my own. I’ve uploaded those here on the Pay It Forward Page here on my site.


Pay It Forward Movie

It’s probably best if you read the story yourself, before deciding if it’s right for your child. Due to some of the concepts, it’s recommended for Grades 5 and up, and I would agree. My son is in 8th grade, and last year was probably the lowest grade I would have introduced it to him, I think.

If you want to consider the movie to go along with the book, then you definitely need to prescreen it. It’s rated PG-13 and like I said, some parts are a bit “rough”. There are, for sure, some parts you’ll want to skip and will need to know where they are and what they are, to avoid having your child see them. There is some swearing as well. You may just want to skip the movie altogether, or show a few of the key scenes, like when Trevor explains to his class how “Pay It Forward” is supposed to work, and maybe a scene here and there of how people actually pay it forward.

Anyway, I just wanted to make the quizzes available to those who might be looking for them. I hope to get some various other materials for different subjects up in the future. Hopefully they’ll be of help to people.



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  1. Faith Larson says:

    Do you have the solutions to these quizzes?

  2. homeschooler says:

    No, I do not have answer keys. Sorry. See why I don’t at this link.

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