School Supplies are OUT!

11 Jul

I had to stop by Target the other day, and was hoping amongst hope that they had their supplies out. They did!! WOO! It was great. We started school this past Monday (that’s a whole different post entirely) and I was lacking a couple things. When I was there I was able to pick up most of what I was missing, so we’re good to go!

This was the best school supply shopping trip I think I’ve had. My son absolutely hates dealing with it, so I did the shopping while he was at youth group (I always enjoyed school shopping and picking things out as a kid, but I guess he wants no part of it.) It was also early evening on a weeknight, and too early for most other people to want to be buying school supplies so for the most part I had the area to myself, rather than having to hear grouchy parents and loud kids running around the Back-to-School area.

I bought extra binders last year and was able to recycle a couple from a few years back as well, so I don’t need to worry about those, which is what we spent a lot of time on last year. (Do you know how hard it is to find a 1 1/2″ binder that holds folders, or a 2″ O-ring binder??) I knew what I was lacking and went in with a mental list of what I wanted, knowing what the prices were last year, so I had a plan.

What’d I get?

– notebooks ( I prefer to have him use 1 subject notebooks. For some subjects we just start a new notebook mid-year, because the other is mostly filled.)

– notebook paper (Lots! We ran out midyear last year, because I way underestimated what we’d use, and I ended up having to buy it at extreme prices.)

– notecards (lots! We got through these like they’re water or something.)

– sharpies

– post-its (what can I say? I love the things!)

– design folders for binders

– some crayola markers

I also checked out Walmart yesterday, and they had their stuff out on display right when you come in the store as well. Unlike Target, people were already in there shopping for school supplies, some just buying stuff they thought their kids would need, and others fully focused on the printed lists they had in their hands. I was able to get a few other things I needed there as well.

Only a few more things remain on my list, and then I’ll officially be done with this year’s school shopping! Hurray!



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