Physical Education

06 May

Physical education is one of those aspects of homeschooling that can have so much variety. It can be done at home, or via nature walks or bike rides on a local trail, through community activities, and even outside businesses. For this past year physical education has varied so much for us, but it’s great to have our son try different things.

The first part of the year there were difficulties in finding those things that qualified for physical education due to the fact our son had some medical issues. Surprisingly, we found out about indoor play areas and different things he could participate in.

Later in the year our son was able to participate in regular activities. We decided to enroll him in some sort of martial arts because we felt he needed the discipline. This has been good for him, but it’s not as disciplined as I had hoped. We also learned about physical education classes for homeschoolers and decided to enroll him for various “units.” They offer a different sport every few weeks, and this allows the kids to get a taste of a bunch of different sports.

The other day my son surprised me. “I want to do gymnastics stuff,” he told me. I blinked a few times upon the hearing of this news. This is a rough and tumble boy we’re talking about. Gymnastics? I even vocalized my thoughts to him in that one word, “Gymnastics?” “Yeah, I think it could help make me stronger.” Wow, okay. I told him I’d check into it. I thought I’d look into it in a few weeks, but remembered our conversation as I was browsing things online the other night and looked for appropriate places in our area. One was close so I knew we’d have the time this past Tuesday¬†and we headed over there.

My son didn’t know where we were and what it was until we were close to entering, and perfectionist that he is, offered his concern,” I can’t do backflips and stuff.” He does this with everything new. I have to explain to him that he isn’t expected to know all the techniques/rules/whatever is necessary for whatever activity it is, and that’s why he goes to learn it.

We went in. When he saw all the equipment he got all excited. I can’t say I blame him. The trampolines looked pretty tempting to me as well!

I was surprised; the cost wasn’t too bad, they even offer classes for homeschoolers (yay! no rushing to have dinner afterwards because of later classes), and I was told there are many boys that go there. Fabulous! (He hates being stuck with all girls, as I’m sure most young boys do.) Also, if we wish, we can take a free trial class. Great! Sign him up today! ….Or not.

Our schedule is pretty packed for the next month or so. We already have two or three physical education activities scheduled for the rest of the month. The school year is coming to a close for us. Things are pretty busy. Gymnastics will be a great activity for him to give a try during his break though. It will keep him active when he’d otherwise be “bored” and keep away the “blahs” in terms of complaining about not having anything “fun” to do, despite library activities and other things we will participate in. Testing out gymnastics during the summer will prevent from adding stress by throwing in a new activity to just “try” while re-adjusting to a new school year.

He’s young. As long as it’s within a reasonable cost, I want him to be able to try a variety of things. I love that as homeschoolers we can adjust our schedule to allow him to do the activities he wants to do. Gymnastics, here we come!

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