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Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 Files Added

27 Dec

Oh no! Look at the date! It’s been almost two months, and Christmas has gone and went, and the new year is on the way. I haven’t posted any files in ages! I’m sorry for anyone who has been looking for these files, but better late than never I suppose. The good thing is, you get two chapters added at once, so hopefully it gets you caught up as you’re most likely sure to start school again once the holiday season has passed. Here are the files for the two different chapters:

Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Chapter 7 Test

The Chapter 7 test requires a diagram for questions 18-22. The diagram for these questions is the diagram on page 122 in the section titled, “Capillaries.”

Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Chapter 8 Test

The Chapter 8 test requires a diagram for labeling different parts of the heart for questions 23-28. You can use the diagram found on the book website (mentioned in the beginning of the book), or find one better suited to your needs elsewhere online.

Hopefully these have been posted for you in time to use them with your studies. I’ve already started on the Chapter 9 vocabulary and have the beginnings of a test, so they should be completed in the next few weeks. Enjoy the rest of your break if you’ve taken one these past couple of weeks. Happy New Year!!

Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Lesson 2 Files

13 Aug

Wow, it’s almost been a whole month already since my last post! Time sure does fly when you’re having homeschooling fun!

Anyway, here they are, the magical files for Anatomy’s second lesson. There’s really not a whole lot to say about them, except that I’m pleased with the way the test turned out. These honestly aren’t the most fun things in the world to create (I really procrastinated on doing this test this week), but once they’re completed I’m actually excited about the finished product.

Anatomy and Physiology, Lesson 2 Vocabulary

Anatomy and Physiology, Lesson 2 Test

**Please note that for this test a couple of pictures need to be added.**

Questions 15-17 require a picture of the internal bone structure from page 41 with the different layers labeled with the question numbers. I chose to just draw this picture.

Questions 25-31 require a skeleton with bones marked with the question numbers that your child has to label. I took the picture of the skeleton for this test from an Apologia PDF file for the course notebook posted on their website here. It’s to the right of the book picture, obviously labeled “Course Notebook,” and you can just open it and print out the single page of the skeleton if you so choose.

Hopefully, if you intend to use these, you find them adequate. I hope everyone’s schooling is going well!

Preparing for the Upcoming Year

12 Jun

Well, it’s that time again – time to buy new curriculum! Fourth grade here we come!

Actually, this year I am a bit late with it, working on getting my curriculum for each subject together much later than I did last year. By this time last year I had half my subjects scheduled for the year and this year I’ve just barely ordered everything – half of it has yet to come, and I’m hoping it will be here next week!

So, what did I decide? (more…)

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