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Curriculum – 9th Grade

27 Jun

High School Curriculum Books

Well, here is our 9th grade curriculum. It’s taken awhile for everything to fall into place, but other than an elective, I finally have it all figured out. I have all our books on hand now, and just have to determine what we need for the science lab kit. Yay!

English: English I through the HSLDA Online Academy

Books for this class include:
Elements of Language, 3rd Course

Barron’s 1100 Words You Need to Know

Romeo and Juliet: Folger Library Edition

The Chosen by Chaim Potok

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Silas Marner by George Eliot

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Our Town by Thornton Wilder

Because we start school in July, and the class doesn’t begin until the end of August, my son will also use Vocabulary Lists obtained from Abeka’s Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III and read a couple of other books, including Adoniram Judson: Bound for Birma by Janet and Geoff Benge, for those first couple of months, and final month, of the year.


High School Curriculum Books


A Beka 8th Grade History Worksheets

07 Jan

America, Land I Love


If you’re using A Beka’s 8th grade history book, America, Land I Love, and are looking for worksheets, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve created a page and uploaded the files I’ve created for the book. These are like the sections at the end of each chapter, but done as worksheets for easy reference. There are the Review sheets for each chapter, which list the important places, people, and dates. I’ve also included a Terms section for each chapter, so the definition and information for each set of chapter terms can be filled in. You can find these files on the A Beka – America, Land I Love page.

Beyond the Mask – On DVD and Amazon Streaming

12 Oct

If you were interested in Beyond the Mask, and never went to see it in the theater, then you can see it now. Netflix offers it in their DVD options, and Amazon has the DVD for sale, as well as offering it for rent on Amazon Instant Video. The DVD from Netflix for us is on its way, and I can’t wait to see it!

In case you missed the original post here is the trailer:

Let us know what you think!

Apologia Anatomy and Physiology, Chapter 13 Files and Chapter 14 Vocabulary Added

11 May

Sorry for the delay, I meant to have these up about 2 weeks ago, but it just didn’t happen. I made sure to upload the files before I left so I could add the links when I got the chance, but I can’t open the files on here so I can’t remember which questions need what (in terms of diagrams) added to them. However, I’m sure if you go through the test you can figure it out. I’ll go back so I can better specify what is needed later next week.

Chapter 13 Vocabulary

Chapter 13 Test

Chapter 14 Vocabulary

Chapter 14 Test isn’t even started yet. Hopefully it will be completed the week following the week I get back, so I’ll try to add it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Apologia Anatomy and Physiology, Chapter 12 Files Added

09 Apr

Since I’ve had a request for them, and since I just finished them up, I’ve added the Chapter 12 Vocabulary Set and Test files. Chapter 13 vocabulary set is created, but it will be a couple of weeks before I have the test ready and post them both. Chapter 14 files will be a bit delayed, and probably posted more towards mid to late May since we’re taking a bit of a break in a couple of weeks before finishing off the year.

Chapter 12 Vocabulary

Chapter 12 Test

**Note that the Chapter 12 Test requires a diagram showing the layers of a strand of hair for Questions 20-22, and a diagram showing the different layers of skin for Questions 23-25.

Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology, Lesson 9 Files

28 Jan

Surprise, surprise! I’ve gotten to the Apologia Anatomy Lesson 9 files and am putting them up fairly quickly – in relation to when we finished them, that is. These were finished about a week ago, so this is probably the fastest I could have had them up. Lesson 10 files are in the works of course. The vocabulary set is done and I will work on the test this week. We’ll see how it goes in terms of getting it up for those of you who are looking for it.

Anyway, for the time being, here are the files for Lesson 9:

Anatomy and Physiology, Lesson 9 Vocabulary

Anatomy and Physiology, Lesson 9 Test

Note that for the Lesson 9 Test, Questions 23-30 require diagrams for labeling. For this I actually used a sheet I found online HERE that has a diagram of the brain and “nerve cell.” (The book refers to it as a “neuron cell.”)

If you’re just starting Lesson 9, I hope you’re having fun, because Lesson 10 continues on with the topic of the brain! Enjoy!

Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 Files Added

27 Dec

Oh no! Look at the date! It’s been almost two months, and Christmas has gone and went, and the new year is on the way. I haven’t posted any files in ages! I’m sorry for anyone who has been looking for these files, but better late than never I suppose. The good thing is, you get two chapters added at once, so hopefully it gets you caught up as you’re most likely sure to start school again once the holiday season has passed. Here are the files for the two different chapters:

Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Chapter 7 Test

The Chapter 7 test requires a diagram for questions 18-22. The diagram for these questions is the diagram on page 122 in the section titled, “Capillaries.”

Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Chapter 8 Test

The Chapter 8 test requires a diagram for labeling different parts of the heart for questions 23-28. You can use the diagram found on the book website (mentioned in the beginning of the book), or find one better suited to your needs elsewhere online.

Hopefully these have been posted for you in time to use them with your studies. I’ve already started on the Chapter 9 vocabulary and have the beginnings of a test, so they should be completed in the next few weeks. Enjoy the rest of your break if you’ve taken one these past couple of weeks. Happy New Year!!

Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 5 files added

04 Oct

Hello, hopefully I’m getting the files for Chapter 5 up in a timely manner this time and that nobody has been anxiously awaiting these because they’re “just about there” in their lessons. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about answer keys lately, so I guess I should just state now in every post that THERE ARE NO ANSWER KEYS for these, but I promise that it’s really not too hard to go through and fill them in yourself.

Anyway, here are the Chapter 5 worksheet set and test.

Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 5 Test

As always, you need to add to the Chapter 5 test file by pasting in a diagram and a photo. Problems 24-26 require a diagram of a wheat grain, allowing for its three basic parts to be labeled, and the bonus question requires a photo of malachite, much like the one in the book.

Chapter 6 should be up in a few weeks. We’ve just started working on that chapter ourselves.

Have a great weekend!

Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 1 Files Added

24 Jul

Well, we’ve started it: Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology book for elementary students. It’s just packed full of information and so far has been fun! I came up with a project for my son to make his own small strand of DNA and we did the chapter project and created our own gelatin cell, complete with candy organelles. Of course, there was a worksheet involved, and he’s taking his chapter test as I type this. I am also trying to fully utilize the Notebooking Journal that goes along with the book this year.

For this year’s book, I felt it was best to just have a worksheet with most of the bolded words and any other important words in the text to be on a worksheet for my child to fill in information about each of these things for the initial reading of the chapter. If I can find a program, I hope to take it a step farther, and transfer what he has written onto the sheet about each term onto electronic flash cards that he can use to review each term before the test (if anyone knows of any good ones let me know!)

And of course, we’re using any outside resources and projects that I can add to make the lesson more fun and memorable.

Anyway, here are the files for Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Vocabulary Sheet

Chapter 1 Test

**Note that for the Chapter 1 Test you will need to add in a picture of a cell for labeling organelles**

There are also a couple of other worksheets posted on my Anatomy and Physiology page.

Hope these help! Keep checking back for more as we make our way through the book.

Zoology 3, Lesson 7 Files Added

29 Nov

Well, for anyone who’s been looking for them, here they are, the Lesson 7 Worksheet and the Lesson 7 Test. Sorry for the delay, but holidays fly right by and before you know it you’ve lost a whole week!

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