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Macy’s Museum Month – February 2016

07 Feb

San Diego Museum Sign


Yay! It’s field trip time!

If you happen to be in SoCal, then this might be a good chance to get out and take a field trip. February is Macy’s Museum Month and at various stores they offer 50% off admission passes throughout the month. Over 4o museums participate within the San Diego area, and there’s a wide variety of options that will appeal to most everybody! Why not find one that speaks to you and your homeschoolers and get out for some interactive learning?



Delorean at San Diego Automotive Museum


For the complete list of participating museums and more details, check out this link:

Learning for half the cost!


Word Roots B2 – Schedule and Quizzes Added

03 Jun

The Critical Thinking Co. Word Roots B2

Well, we’ve reached the end of the year. Seventh grade is over. Now that it’s over I have completed the worksheets for certain books and curriculum, and have a little bit of time to add them here for you guys.

So, for now, I’ve added a page for The Critical Thinking Company’s Word Roots B2 book. It includes a basic schedule, as well as all the quizzes I made to go along with the pages of the book. They’re just basic Document files, nothing fancy, but it saves you from having to make them. Hopefully they’ll help someone out there.

Visit the page for this HERE

It is finished! Lesson 14 Test File added!!

27 May

Lesson 14 – We made it! Wooooo! Yeah! Lesson 14 files are done. We aren’t actually done with the book yet, we’re still working on review questions from the Notebooking Journal, but the files are done, so that’s cause enough to celebrate!

I’m still not sure what I’m doing for science yet next year, so no word on if and what files will be available for next year, but as soon as I know I’ll update regarding it.

Here it is:

Lesson 14 Test

***Note: Question #3 requires a basic diagram of a cell showing a few different organelles labeled with letters so the nucleus can be selected as the proper answer.

Enjoy your summer breaks! I hope to post some reviews eventually, and am still hoping to get photos up from our trip.

Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology, Lesson 9 Files

28 Jan

Surprise, surprise! I’ve gotten to the Apologia Anatomy Lesson 9 files and am putting them up fairly quickly – in relation to when we finished them, that is. These were finished about a week ago, so this is probably the fastest I could have had them up. Lesson 10 files are in the works of course. The vocabulary set is done and I will work on the test this week. We’ll see how it goes in terms of getting it up for those of you who are looking for it.

Anyway, for the time being, here are the files for Lesson 9:

Anatomy and Physiology, Lesson 9 Vocabulary

Anatomy and Physiology, Lesson 9 Test

Note that for the Lesson 9 Test, Questions 23-30 require diagrams for labeling. For this I actually used a sheet I found online HERE that has a diagram of the brain and “nerve cell.” (The book refers to it as a “neuron cell.”)

If you’re just starting Lesson 9, I hope you’re having fun, because Lesson 10 continues on with the topic of the brain! Enjoy!

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