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We’ve Finished 8th Grade!

14 Jun



Well, it’s official. We’re finished with our eighth grade year! Can you believe it? I can’t. Next year we’re crossing into what I feel to be the scariest homeschooling territory: High School.

We ended this year with my son taking a CLEP Test for College Algebra after completing Saxon Algebra 2, and using the CLEP prep on the DIVE CD that came as part of his math package. Navigating the road to signing up for the CLEP, while getting appropriate ID for a minor under 13 was a bit of a hassle, but we managed to do what we had to do. Along with LOTS of hours of studying, my son went in and passed with flying colors. Yay! We were just both glad it was over, and relieved that we didn’t have to worry about math for awhile.



With the CLEP test behind us, it was time for me to figure out my son’s curriculum for next year. Normally I would have figured it out months ago, but I’ve been a bit behind with planning high school. Maybe it was a bit of being overwhelmed with the thought of planning high school. I was a bit unsure how I wanted to handle it, and not quite sure what I wanted to use for certain subjects. I had only one or two things decided on. (more…)

Less Than Two Weeks Left This School Year

18 May

Well, I did it. I have almost finished and survived my first full year of homeschooling. Yay! Teachers and students take much needed breaks, and it’s probably for the better. Ours isn’t the typically long summer vacation, but a vacation nonetheless. I. Can’t. Wait.

Actually, most of my “break” will be spent arranging plans for NEXT year’s curriculum, but I know it’s not something I will need done within the next day or week or so, so can work on it more at my own pace, rather than because there’s a pressing need to do so. If I’d rather take a nap, or drag us to the beach, or go on a nature walk, or work on a quilt I’ve been planning since last November, than I can do so. I can sleep in rather than be up that extra hour or two early because I need to get 2 million things done each day (although, who am I kidding, I’ll still have to be up fairly early to prepare breakfast.) ¬†And then there’s also library activities, VBS, and possibly a theater class for the summer, park days, and, of course, the beach.

Wait, my break has just vaporized before my very eyes! Is it possible to feel tired just THINKING about all the activities planned for the BREAK? Good grief. And people worry that homeschoolers don’t get out enough. We are a walking (and driving) contradiction to THAT stereotype! So much for vacation!

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