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Social Studies

04 May

So yeah, I’m going to post more details about my curriculum for the upcoming year, subject by subject. This may be of interest to some, especially homeschooling newbies, so thought I’d put it out there.

I’ve decided that Social Studies is going to be broken into four main topics this year, one for each grading quarter. I haven’t fully decided on the order yet, but have decided for sure what each topic will be. We will be doing:

1) US Presidents
2) US Government
3) Abeka’s “Our American Heritage” Grade 3 Reader
4) State and Local History – This may include some basics on Native American history, especially local tribes.


Time to Buy!

02 May

As I finish off this school year, I’m thinking ahead to next year already, and have spent time considering and looking at curriculum options for next year. There is a huge variety of curricula, and no “one grade” boxed set is going to work for us since my son is all over the place academically. I have to decide what’s best and what will work for us. It can be fun, exciting, and stressful all at once. Most of my things for next year have arrived. Here they are:


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