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Back-to-School Supplies on the Way!

05 Jul

Well, here we are at the end of our first week for this new school year already. We didn’t finish our testing at the end of the this past year, so we started this year a week early and here we are! This week was a testing-only week, which was kind of nice because it somewhat eased our transition back to doing schoolwork after our few weeks off. No matter the length of the break, coming back always can be difficult.

My son will be in SIXTH grade this year – Middle School! It’s so hard to believe! And this will be our fifth year of homeschooling!

If you’re anything like me you love the newness of everything for a new year. New curriculum. New supplies. New activities. And, for us, even some new decorations and classroom posters for our school area!

Supplies are hands-down my favorite thing to shop for. I love doing curriculum shopping as well, but a lot of that is done online, so it doesn’t have the same giddiness of pushing a cart through the Back-To-School (BTS) area of a brick-and-mortar store. Notebooks! Pencils! Erasers! Things you didn’t know you even needed! It’s great.

When my son was in the younger elementary grades one of my favorite areas was the $1 section of Target where they’d have various things to add to our teaching. We went today and they’re already stocking it up with school things and clearing their summer area for their BTS section. I’ve got this thing down pat I think.

Our typical school start is the second week of July. This is when Target’s BTS section is a work-in-progress. Some supplies are out. Bins are there but they are empty. Employees sit on the floor with shippers and supplies trying to figure out what goes where. An empty stocking cart or two are hanging around. By the second week most of the supplies are out and I can actually shop! Yay! This is also a great time to shop because NOBODY else is usually there buying stuff yet. Public school here doesn’t start for a least another month, and it will be a week or two before the BTS craziness begins and the aisles are hopping.

Now, be ye warned, (more…)

It’s Started – 2010-2011 School Year

22 Jul

Well, it’s here! We’re almost done with our second week of school already for the new school year. Where did our summer break go? Oh yeah – swimming lessons, birthdays, VBS’s and other activities. Gone………gone! I’m not too disappointed, really. I was anxious and excited to get him started on his third grade curriculum. It’s just, it’s only week two – and I’m tired!

Third grade!! So far we’re doing fairly well. All his materials have been introduced to him and though there are subjects he’s not extremely fond of, he works well on most of them. We had an issue with writing on Day 2 last week, but I found a way to overcome that hurdle, which I’ll get into later in a later post.

He really seems to be fascinated by the idea of cursive handwriting. So far he has done just the basics of motions involved with it, and this week we started with the letter U, but he loves looking at the cursive letter chart and has been pretty excited so far when further down the page I tell him he’s doing well and getting better with whatever he’s is currently working on for handwriting each day. I hope his excitement for this continues.

My method of teaching multiple digit multiplication seems to be working well – though he abhors the extra amount of writing he has to do for each problem. Today I will bring it all together and show him how each step can be done without the extra writing. It really seems to help having it done in steps and working up to doing it the regular way.

Overall I think this will be a great year.

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