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FREE: HTML 101 for Kids

25 May

Do your kids like the computer? The Internet? Do they want to be able to design their own web pages? Do you want to use your children’s love of computers to actually have them learn something rather than just mindlessly websurfing or playing games? This upcoming class may be your chance!

Offered by a fellow homeschooling parent, this free class in basic HTML will give your children the chance to learn the basic HTML tags and the fundamentals of Web Design.

I can’t tell you how the class actually is at this point in time, but I just signed up my son and we will see how it goes.

The upcoming class starts Monday, June 2, 2014, and another one starts on Tuesday, July 8, 2014. There’s also a link to learn more about future classes if now is just not the right time.

Here is also some basic info (basically taken from his site):

– It’s open to students 9-years-old and older

– Some familiarity with a keyboard is valuable

– It’s a FREE “Beta” class, and feedback on the class is desired.


There’s no “set time” when your child has to be on the computer to do this, so it’s just something for them to work on and do when they can over the time period given. Hey, it’s better than hearing the classic, “I’m booooooored” or “There’s nothing to dooooooooooo” and will keep their minds alert this summer.

Click Here for more information on HTML 101 for Kids: Basics of Web Programming

Happy Coding!


Free Summer Math Program – Good Today Only? Friday, May 23, 2014

23 May

Well, in case someone around here still actually follows anything I write (it’s been a looooooooooooooong time, I know) I thought I’d post this.

I found this in my travels today, and really know nothing of it, but it says there’s a FREE Summer Math Program for Grades 1 – High School to keep your children’s skills sharp this summer. If you have time and want to have your kids practice their skills, it might be worth looking into. Supposedly this offer is only good today, so if you’re interested, act fast!

It’s called “TenMarks Summer Math Program“.

Check it out!




A New Year

23 Jul

Well, a new school year is upon us, and I barely feel like I’ve fully tied up ends to everything from last year. Sure, grades and reports have been done for almost a couple of months (was the beginning of June really that far off already?!), but here we are again, already into a new school year. We had a busy summer full of fun, activities, and craziness, but are getting back into the swing of things for our new year.

This year, I hope to have posts more often, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping to get in some curriculum reviews, keep up-to-date with various worksheets, and add a few fun idea posts as well.

Oh yeah, and I haven’t forgotten you Apologia Zoology 3 people and am still working on a final worksheet set for that missing chapter. I know they were promised sooner but it just didn’t work out that way. Also, because of our need for them recently, I have already gotten into making some worksheets and tests for Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology book (which we’re loving by the way!) I’m actually hoping to get the first chapter’s (lesson’s – I still call them chapters!) worksheet set post up tomorrow if too many extras don’t sneak into my day today. There has just been so much to do around here that things don’t always get done as planned, but I’ll do my best.

Anyway, hope you guys are having a great summer and get into the swing of things for school when the time comes. Keep a watch out for my upcoming new posts!

Less Than Two Weeks Left This School Year

18 May

Well, I did it. I have almost finished and survived my first full year of homeschooling. Yay! Teachers and students take much needed breaks, and it’s probably for the better. Ours isn’t the typically long summer vacation, but a vacation nonetheless. I. Can’t. Wait.

Actually, most of my “break” will be spent arranging plans for NEXT year’s curriculum, but I know it’s not something I will need done within the next day or week or so, so can work on it more at my own pace, rather than because there’s a pressing need to do so. If I’d rather take a nap, or drag us to the beach, or go on a nature walk, or work on a quilt I’ve been planning since last November, than I can do so. I can sleep in rather than be up that extra hour or two early because I need to get 2 million things done each day (although, who am I kidding, I’ll still have to be up fairly early to prepare breakfast.) ¬†And then there’s also library activities, VBS, and possibly a theater class for the summer, park days, and, of course, the beach.

Wait, my break has just vaporized before my very eyes! Is it possible to feel tired just THINKING about all the activities planned for the BREAK? Good grief. And people worry that homeschoolers don’t get out enough. We are a walking (and driving) contradiction to THAT stereotype! So much for vacation!

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