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Apologia Answer Keys

05 Sep

So I’ve been asked about answer keys for the Apologia worksheets. Maybe I didn’t want to include them? Maybe it was an oversight and I forgot to include them? Maybe I’ve been too busy? Well, actually, the real answer is there aren’t any!

Why? Well there are a couple answers actually.

1) It’s a lot of work.
Busy as I am, sometimes it’s hard enough getting the worksheets done, more-or-less having to go through them a second time and delete and enter answers into the space where each answer line once was. It’s very time consuming, and also can be a somewhat monotonous task, which, quite frankly, I don’t want to do.

2) When I made my own answer keys it didn’t always work out quite the way I thought it would.

I started out making my own answer keys by printing out a second copy of the worksheet set and then going through the book and filling in the answers in that second copy with a red pen. Every now and then, however, my son would put in answers that he had found in places in the book I may not have noticed, or had read/heard in outside materials and I’d end up having to spend time re-looking up the answers anyway. It seemed like a waste of time to do it once, and then maybe have to do it for certain questions again just because his answers didn’t match mine.

So basically, you’re on your own with the answer keys. I’m sorry for that but it’s really not too bad making your own using the existing worksheets. The worksheets are arranged chronologically, so you can easily go through the book and fill them in. If you have more than one child you can make the answer key once and keep it onhand until the younger ones move up to the book you’re currently working on, if need be. As best as I can remember, the test questions come from the book and should be fairly easy to find, so yet again it’s just a matter of making your own answer key by filling in the answers in a second copy of the test.

Zoology 3, Lesson 13 files added

01 May

Here they are – and in a semi-timely fashion too! The Lesson 13 files for Apologia’s Zoology 3 have been added. These are a bit different than most of the previous files, because both the worksheet set and the test for this lesson have one or more questions that you have to either insert or draw pictures or diagrams into. It’s then up to your child to label or identify the various pictures or diagrams.

Zoology 3, Lesson 13 Worksheet

For this worksheet set, question 8 requires you to add in a picture of a spider so the various parts of the spider anatomy can be labeled. I chose to draw the picture that has the parts labeled on it, which is located on the bottom left-hand corner of the first page of Lesson 13 (page 229.)

**Note there is a question in this worksheet set (question 30) that requires your CHILD to draw in various types of webs. Obviously, you aren’t required to put the pictures in there because that’s up to them, but if you’re just going through the worksheets quickly, you might not realize it’s something they have to do and not something you have to put in there for them, so I figured I’d give everyone a heads up.

Zoology 3, Lesson 13 Test

This test set includes several test question that require you to put in pictures or diagrams. Questions requiring pictures include 12, 13, and one picture for questions 23-25. Question 12 and 13 require two different types of webs – of your choice – for your child to identify. Questions 23-25 require a picture of a scorpion like that under the “Scorpions” section, which is located at the bottom of page 239.

The end of the book (and the school year) is getting near! Happy teaching!

Zoology 3 Lesson 11 Files Added; Lesson 12 Files to be delayed

15 Apr

It’s been a considerably long time since I last added files, so I’m sorry for the delay in adding these, but here are the files for Lesson 11:

Lesson 11 Worksheet

Lesson 11 Test

Lesson 12 WILL NOT be up any time soon. I had my son do something different than usual. To get some experience with writing reports, I just had him read Lesson 12 and then pick a dinosaur of his choice to do a report on instead of his typical worksheet/test format.

I will, however, get up a Lesson 12 set of worksheets and the test at some point, so there eventually will be a complete set of worksheets for the Zooogy 3 book. Most likely this won’t be up until early June, when we’ve finished the rest of the book and I’ve had time to get the worksheets and test done. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone with plans on using this in the next month or so.

Apologia Zoology 3 Lesson 10 Files Are Here!

04 Mar

Happy Sunday!

I hope I’m getting these Zoology pages out in a timely-enough manner for those of you who are using them this year, and hopefully they’ll be helpful for those planning to use them in the future. Anyway, here they are:

Zoology 3 Lesson 10 Worksheet

Zoology 3 Lesson 10 Test

If you’re new to the site, note that I also have all the previous lesson files available on the Zoology 3 page, and also have pages for both the Zoology 1 and Zoology 2 books as well. Hopefully these will be beneficial in your teaching of the Apologia books!

Zoology 3, Lesson 9 Files Added

10 Feb

Hello, hello again!!

Well, here they are. The Lesson 9 worksheet and Lesson 9 test that I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for are available now! Hopefully they’ll help someone out there in the Internet world using Apologia’s Zoology 3.

Here’s to a good weekend!

Zoology 3, Lesson 8 files added

28 Jan

Here they are! The Lesson 8 files are now available! Here is the Lesson 8 worksheet and the Lesson 8 Test. I hope to have Lesson 9 up in a much more timely manner, preferably in the next week or two, so if you’re looking for more chapters, be sure to check back.

Zoology 3, Lesson 7 Files Added

29 Nov

Well, for anyone who’s been looking for them, here they are, the Lesson 7 Worksheet and the Lesson 7 Test. Sorry for the delay, but holidays fly right by and before you know it you’ve lost a whole week!

Zoology 3, Lesson 5 and Lesson 6 Files Added

10 Nov

Well, here they are. Both the Zoology 3, Lesson 5 Worksheet and the Zoology 3, Lesson 5 Test are now available. The lesson files ares being added slowly but surely.

Also, here is the Lesson 6 Worksheet. For Lesson 6 I did this a little differently. Because I’ve been busy and because Lesson 6 was quite long, it took awhile to finish this worksheet set. By the time I did, I decided to just do the worksheet, and not the test for this lesson. I used the Lesson 6 Worksheet as an open book test instead. If I get extra time later on I will add a test, but for now, just a worksheet set it is. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone.

Zoology 3, Lesson 4 Files Added

23 Oct

Yeah, there’s been a bit of delay as we’ve been pretty busy these past few weeks, but here they are finally, the files for Zoology 3 Lesson 4 Worksheet and Lesson 4 Test.

Lesson 5 files are finished, and should be up soon!

Zoology 3, Lesson 3 Files Added

23 Sep

If you’re interested in my Zoology 3 materials, I have just added the Lesson 3 Worksheet pages and the Lesson 3 Test files. Remember, the worksheets can be easily modified to break it up into several worksheet packets, if the initial full-chapter packet is too overwhelming for your zoologists-in-training.

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